Kids' Corner

Importance of 911 Education
Teaching your child about 911 can be one of the most important lessons you ever teach them. Make sure your child knows what an emergency is. It is also important that they understand that 911 is for emergency use only, and should never be used just for fun. Here are a few tips that you can use to teach your child about 911:
  1. A 911 emergency is if you need help from a police officer, firefighter, or an ambulance for something that is happening right now.
  2. The first 2 questions a 911 call taker will ask is “What is the exact location of your emergency?” and “What is the telephone number you are calling from?” During an emergency every second counts. Knowing your location will help the 911 call taker get help to you quickly. 911 calls that are made from land line phones in El Paso-Teller County will relay (in most cases) an address and telephone number that a call is coming from. The 911 call taker will always ask the location of the emergency to make sure that the information on their screen is correct. 911 calls made from cell phones will not display a physical address (they display latitude and longitude coordinates on a map). Make sure the child knows their telephone number as it is important we have a telephone number so we call back in case we get disconnected.
  3. Remain calm and speak clearly.
  4. A 911 call taker will ask a lot of questions. If your child does not know the answer to a question it is okay to say “I don’t know.”
  5. Stay on the line until the 911 call taker says it is okay to hang up.
  6. Keep yourself safe.
  7. Make sure your child has access an can reach at least 1 of the phones in your home.
Getting Help Is Easy Video
The short video below is what we use during school presentations to educate children on the use of 911.