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Feb 15

9-1-1 Goes to Washington

Posted on February 15, 2019 at 1:40 PM by Amanda Lindgren

911 Goes to Washington

This week, members from our team went to Washington, D.C. for the National Emergency Number Association’s annual conference titled, “9-1-1 Goes to Washington.”  The National Emergency Number Association also known as NENA, is “the only professional organization solely focused on 9-1-1 policy, technology, operations, and education issues.” In short, the conference brought together 9-1-1 professionals to meet with national policy leaders to have discussions regarding emergency communications issues.  It provided insight on current policies and their obstacles as well as provided 9-1-1 professionals with additional information about current and proposed legislation, regulations and policy initiatives.  Attendees had the opportunity to speak with members of Congress, administration officials, and key staff.

Photo Credit: Colorado NENA and APCO's Facebook Page @conenaapco

 Currently, six of our staff members are studying to become Emergency Number Professionals through NENA.  By definition, Emergency Number Professionals or ENPs, “demonstrate a mastery of the comprehensive knowledge base required for emergency number program management.”  The certification promotes respect for the 9-1-1 industry and elevated industry standards.  Certified ENPs commit and lead the 9-1-1 profession by remaining current in the industry and its changes.  In order to obtain ENP certification, our staff not only have to meet NENA’s experience and education criteria but also have to take classes and pass an exam.  These future ENPs will become leaders in the 9-1-1 profession and at the El Paso-Teller County 9-1-1 Authority!

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