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911 Authority Staff


Jim Anderson


James M. Anderson, Chief Executive Officer


Jim Anderson has been employed with the El Paso – Teller Enhanced 9-1-1 System since January 1st, 1995. Mr. Anderson started as a single person company employed to manage the system and is now the Chief Executive Officer for the governmental Authority.

Jim’s career in public safety started in the ambulance business in August of 1970 and throughout years has included time in Law, Fire and EMS. Jim came to the Authority after retiring as the Deputy Chief of Police for the Fountain Police Department. Jim can still be found on an engine with the Fountain Fire Department where he volunteers in his weekend time.

In 1999 a Bachelor of Science in Business Management was completed at the University of Phoenix Colorado Springs campus. Jim continues many certifications within the business and public safety community.

Working closely with the Board of Directors Jim is responsible for policy and procedure development. Work continues in the research and development of new processes and services as the world of 9-1-1 changes focus from an old legacy system to the twenty-first century IP based phone systems.

You can email Jim at jim.anderson@elpasoteller911.org.

John Norman


John Norman, Chief Information Officer

John became a part of the El Paso/Teller County E-911 staff in 2002 when he was hired as the Regional CAD Manager.  John is responsible for working with and supporting the information technology (IT), and geographic information system (GIS), departments in maintaining and enhancing the El Paso/Teller County E-911 IT and GIS systems.

You can email John at john.norman@elpasoteller911.org.

Troy Pring


Troy Pring, Chief Operations Officer


As the COO, Troy is responsible for managing and coordinating all day-to-day operations and activities related to the 9-1-1 Authority’s Quality Assurance and Training Programs as well as the Public Education and Information programs. He is responsible for coordinating activities with other divisions, outside agencies and the general public; he manages ongoing projects and provides highly responsible and complex staff assistance to the CEO. Having worked in local EMS and Public Safety as a Paramedic, in a Regional Communications Center, and for the 9-1-1 Authority since 2003, Troy is a perfect fit to our 9-1-1 system.

Please feel free to contact him at troy.pring@elpasoteller911.org or (719) 785-1965 with any of your questions or educational needs on our 9-1-1 system.

Christy Davis


Christy Davis, Executive Administrative Assistant


Christy Davis is our Executive Administrative Assistant. She assists the System Manager with special projects and events. Among other things, Christy’s responsibilities include accounts payable, inventory control, payroll, correspondence, preparing Authority Board agendas and minutes, procurement of goods and services and direct assistance to the System Manager.
In her free time Christy enjoys reading, movies, spending time with her family and exploring the country on Harley rides.
Christy enjoys her job and has been with El-Paso Teller County 911 for 14 years and is looking forward to many more years of service.

You can email Christy at christy.davis@elpasoteller911.org.

Ben Bills


Ben Bills, Public Information/Education Officer


Ben has been the Public Information Officer/Public Education Specialist since April 2008. He is responsible for providing education to members of the community regarding the 9-1-1 system in El Paso and Teller Counties as well as teaching children basic fire safety and staying safe during an emergency with the help of the 9-1-1 Safety Trailer. Ben has been a part of the El Paso-Teller County 9-1-1 system since 2000.

If you have questions regarding the 9-1-1 system, or would like to schedule the 9-1-1 Safety Trailer you can email me at ben.bills@elpasoteller911.org.

Connie Chavez


Connie Chavez, Quality Assurance Analyst/Street Naming Contact


Connie Chavez is a Quality Assurance Analyst as well as the contact for developers in the 2 county area to get street names approved for their plats. Connie has lived in Colorado Springs for over 20 years and worked at Colorado Springs Police Dept. dispatch as a 911 call taker, fire dispatcher, and trainer for over 4 years. Connie is  married and has 2 children.

Please feel free to contact Connie with any of your questions at 719-785-1962 or by email atconnie.chavez@elpasoteller911.org.

Bonnie Foster


Bonnie Foster, GIS Analyst


Bonnie joined the El Paso – Teller County E911 Authority in June 2012. She began her GIS career by developing a data system for leafy spurge management which covered parts of North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, and Wyoming. Afterwards, Bonnie spent 12 years working for a rural county in central Minnesota maintaining the datasets needed to support the County Dispatch Center and also provided GIS support for the various other County departments. Responsibilities will include maintaining the accuracy of the E9-1-1 GIS system data. Bonnie has a background in forestry and is looking forward to spending time outdoors in the Colorado Springs area.


Please feel free to contact Bonnie with any of your questions at 719-785-1973 or by email at bfoster@elpasoteller911.org.

Anita Rasper


Anita Rasper, GIS Analyst


Anita Rasper joined the El Paso Teller County E911 Authority team in August 2013. As a Geographic Information Systems Professional (GISP), Anita has her Master’s in Applied Geography and brings over six years of GIS experience in a wide variety of projects relating to environmental issues, utility mapping, and facility asset management. She is responsible for updating and maintaining the E911 GIS System which supports the E911 call centers to ensure accuracy and timeliness of data output.


Please feel free to contact Anita with any of your questions at 719-785-1966 or by email at arasper@elpasoteller911.org.

John Lofgren


John Lofgren, Quality Assurance Analyst


John Lofgren has been a Quality Assurance Analyst with the El Paso Teller 911 Authority since February 2010. John began his career in public safety as a dispatcher for The Manitou Springs Police Department in 1994. Since then he has been a volunteer firefighter, police officer and a dispatcher for the Colorado Springs Police Department. John currently is a Police and Fire Protocol instructor for the National Academy of Emergency Dispatch and also an Emergency Medical, Fire, and Police Quality Assurance Instructor.

You can email John at john.lofgren@elpasoteller911.org.

Michelle Hess


Michelle Hess, Training Coordinator / Quality Assurance Analyst


Michelle Hess is our 9-1-1 Training Coordinator. She has been a Quality Assurance Analyst and Trainer with the El Paso Teller 911 Authority since July 2010. She has 10 years experience with the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office as a supervisor/dispatcher/trainer.
Please feel free to contact her via her email address which is listed below or (719) 785-1975 with any of your questions or educational needs on our 9-1-1 system.

You can email Michelle at michelle.hess@elpasoteller911.org.

Meridith Jensen


Meridith Jensen, Quality Assurance Analyst


Meridith Jensen joined the El Paso Teller 911 Authority in July 2010 as a Quality Assurance Analyst. She has previous experience from the Colorado Springs Police Department as an Emergency Response Technician, where she quickly realized her calling in 9-1-1 and became very involved in community outreach projects as well.

Meridith is also a Software Training Instructor for Priority Dispatch Corp., traveling across the nation to train dispatchers and supervisors in the use of Police, Fire and Medical Dispatch Protocol Software.

Meridith is very passionate about 9-1-1 services and is honored to collaborate with comm. center teams to ensure that our callers receive the highest levels of care and customer service.

You can email Meridith at meridith.jensen@elpasoteller911.org.

Julius Torralba


Julius Torralba, Information Systems Technician


In Hawaii, Julius completed an Associates of Science Degree in Data Processing which included courses in structured programming and system design.  Concurrently, he attained  an Associates of Science Degree in Accounting.

Before he re-located to Colorado, he worked for a company called DataCraft, Inc.  The three major banks in Hawaii consistently used DataCraft’s data processing and programming services for direct marketing projects.  His other responsibilities included maintaining in-house systems and the local area network. He moved to Colorado to support his wife in attaining a nursing degree.

After moving to Colorado Springs, Julius realized it would be difficult to attain a programming career without a Bachelor’s degree.  He modified his resume to highlight his hardware/software/networking/people skills which landed him a technician position for a local company called A Byte Above who specialized in computer sales and repair.  While working as a technician, he continued his education taking additional C++ programming classes and Cisco CCNA training at the Pikes Peak Community College.

After A Byte Above, he went on to do software support (call base environment) for ENS, Inc. in which he was enlightened with HIPPA compliance.  He comes to El Paso – Teller County E911 from The Gazette in which he attended to 200+ users and systems (Windows and Macintosh) as an IT Client Support Specialist.

You can email Julius at julius.torralba@elpasoteller911.org.

Matt Towell


Matt Towell, Network Engineer


Matt came to the E911 Authority from El Paso County IT where he was a network analyst. He has an Associate’s degree in Computer/Network Systems Management as well as several professional IT certificates including A+ Professional, Network +,  and Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA).

Before joining the IT world Matt was a car salesman at Heuberger Motors, and worked at Ent Credit Union as a Senior Loan Officer.  When he is not working he enjoys golfing, boating, and spending time with his family.

You can email Matt at matt.towell@elpasoteller911.org.

Ben Gairrett


Benjamin Gairrett, Information Systems Technician

Benjamin Gairrett is our most recent addition to the E911 Authority. He is currently pursuing his Bachelor’s in Information Technology at Colorado Technical University. Previously he has worked at NORAD/NORTHCOM at Petersen AFB supporting them as they track Santa in North America. He has also served in the U.S. Army supporting the 10th Combat Support Hospital operating of Ft. Carson in an IT role. He is dedicated to supporting our users and is glad to be part of our team.

You can email Ben at bgairrett@elpasoteller911.org

Janet Bowerman


Janet Bowerman, Receptionist


Janet currently works as an Office Assistant. In the past Janet has worked for Digital Equipment Corporation. She has been a lifetime member of Girl Scouts of America for 20 years and worked actively with Boy Scouts of America for 10 years while her children were growing up. She earned a certificate of Electronics from Colorado Technical College in 1980 through the CETA program and attended courses at the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs. She recently completed a BSIT with the University of Phoenix and continues to enjoy learning new things.

At this time her most time consuming hobbies include swimming, reading, sewing, computer photo editing, and hanging out with her grandchildren whenever possible.

Janet works in the lobby answering phones and greeting guests and vendors. The other tasks include mailing and receiving parts, copying, filing and faxing.

You can email Janet at janet.bowerman@elpasoteller911.org.