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9-1-1 Newsletters

Below are links to our newsletters. If you have questions or comments on something contained in the newsletters, please contact a member of our staff.  January 2014 – PDF February 2014 – PDF March 2014 – PDF April 2014 – PDF May 2014 – PDF

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9-1-1 Safety Trailer

    El Paso-Teller County educates thousands of people each year on the appropriate use of 9-1-1.  The 9-1-1 Safety Trailer is a tool that allows us to give participants a hands on experience allowing them to participate in a simulated emergency, practice getting themselves to safety, and allowing them to practice a 9-1-1 call. …

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9-1-1 Hero Submission

Dispatcher Name: * E-mail: * Name of the Caller: * CAD Call Screen #: * Comments: Word Verification: type_submit_reset_7 SubmitReset

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Public Service Announcements

These videos make up a collection of Public Service Announcements the El Paso-Teller 911 Authority has used over the years. While some of the information may be outdated we feel they are still valuable to the public and informative. The videos on this page are large in size, and a high-speed internet connection is recommended. …

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Kids Corner

Teaching your child about 9-1-1 can be one of the most important lessons you ever teach them. Make sure your child knows what an emergency is. It is also important that they understand that 9-1-1 is for EMERGENCY use only, and should NEVER be used just for fun. Here are a few tips that you …

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Patch Exchange Program

Like many Public Safety and EMS agencies, we receive requests from patch collectors across the United States, and internationally, for one of our patches. If you represent a Public Safety or EMS agency and would like to participate in our Patch Exchange Program, please submit your request in writing, on official letterhead, and include one of …

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